What do we do?

Between 450 to 1,050 new cases of NHL are diagnosed In the POCTEFA territory (Spain-France-Andorra) annually. Current treatments include a base of polychemotherapy of variable efficacy, accompanied by frequent relapses and significant side effects.

IMLINFO brings together University hospitals, research centers and biotechnology SMEs with the aim of developing personalized immunotherapies that reactivate the patient's immune system by inducing tumor regression in the absence of chemotherapy to provide patients with more effective and less aggressive treatments than those currently applied.


Common needs:

  • To move towards a personalized and safe treatment of patients with cancer in general and in particular those diagnosed with NHL.
  • To improve current in-vitro systems for the prediction of response to treatments, which allows the reduction of animal trials.
  • To design new immunotherapy combinations for the treatment of NHL.
  • To stimulate R + D + I in companies as a tool to boost the economy.
  • To train and and promote mobility of students/researchers in this field of research.


IMLINFO in common:

  • It will create a repository of NHL tumors with individual and complete clinical-biological information, including the presence of somatic mutations and the gene expression profile.
  • It will optimize 3-D cultures with primary material, including cells of the patient's own tumor microenvironment.
  • Small molecules with high potential will be designed and synthesized to modulate new immunotherapeutic targets that will allow establishing new combinations of immunotherapy.
  • It will create agreements between research centers and SMEs that give rise to advances in the field of biomedicine.
  • It will train doctoral students, co-supervised by the IDIBAPS and INSERM-CRCT centers.


Cross-border necessities:

  • Creation of a multicenter project between the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, Hospital Josep Trueta and the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHUT) of Toulouse to gather a significant number of samples of NHL, with representation of different mutational profiles.
  • Combination of exclusive specialties E. G.:
    • IDIBAPS: Co-cultures, analysis of gene expression and mutational profile, screening of drug activity.
    • INSERM-CRCT: 3-D culture generation in lymphoma and biological characterization, drug activity screening, study of the mechanisms of action of therapeutic molecules, SPIM microscopy of the 3-D models.
    • IMACTIV-3D: development of algorithms for the analysis of images obtained using SPIM microscopy.
    • PALOBIOFARMA: Experts in the design and synthesis of small molecules directed against adenosine receptors, known to generate an immunotolerogenic environment within the tumor. Its inhibition allows increasing the antitumor effect of immunotherapy based on monoclonal antibodies.


IMLINFO cross-border:

  • It will create a platform for NHL 3-D models for screening of immunotherapy regimens with NHL-patient cells and thus one can anticipate the response from the treatments that will serve to propose personalized therapies.
  • It will transfer the best therapeutic combinations to clinical trials.
  • It will improve the NHL patient’s expectations and quality of life.
  • It will consolidate PALOBIOFARMA's leadership in the design and synthesis of small modulating molecules of adenosine activity as an immunooncological therapy.
  • It will capitalize and promote the internationalization of the SMEs involved.
  • It will train and encourage the mobility of research staff.



  • Main objective
    To generate a 3-D tumor repository, annotated with genetic alterations and gene expression profiles, of patients with NHL within the POCTEFA territory. This repository will serve as a platform for the analysis of the efficacy of new personalized immunotherapy treatments, allowing their clinical development and capitalization of the SMEs involved in their synthesis (PALOBIOFARMA) and analysis of their efficacy and Distribution (IMACTIV-3D).
  • Specific objectives
    • Biomedical: Repository of models in 3-D of 20 primary tumors at diagnosis, and when possible in relapse, and 6 cell lines of NHL with associated gene information.
    • Pharmaceutical: 1-2 marketable drugs and information on the best combinations of immunotherapy for the initiation of clinical trials.
    • Training: Co-direction of 2 doctoral theses among INSERM-CRCT and IDIBAPS, with the option to opt for European doctorates.
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